Who We Are

Jim Phillips

Jim Phillips


Jim Phillips has over twenty years’ experience in the design, development and implementation of approaches that enable empowerment. After training as a psychotherapist he focused on supporting people with long term conditions to manage the impact of a health condition on their daily lives  He led on the setting up of the NHS Expert Patient Programme and has worked with health organisations across Europe, the US and Australia. He has been involved in setting up peer support groups, campaigning for better care and advising policy makers on developing person centred care approaches and has carried a patient case load as a Health coach. His  portfolio has covered  the implementation of a county wide integrated self-management service in England, Director of the Quality institute for self-management education and training. He has also been involved in the Empathie project, is a associate Director for  European Health Futures Forum and the European network on Patient Empowerment (ENOPE) and is associate editor for the international journal Self Care. As well as his role of Executive Director with CEmPaC he also works part time for NHS England in personalised care as well as sitting as expert advisor on a number of advisory boards.

David Somekh

David Somekh


Dr David Somekh was previously a member of the Executive and also Past President of an NGO,  the European Society for Quality

in Healthcare between 1999 and 2018. He is one of five Directors  of the European Health Futures Forum, started in 2013,  

now a Charity based in Ireland 
EHFF as a network organization has substantial experience in supporting policy 
related projects at a European Commission level. EHFF successfully bid for the funding for the CEMPaC project
from the Robert Bosch Foundation in 2017 and are responsible for managing it, and while currently in the role of ‘Godparent’,
aim to help CEMPaC to become self-sufficient by the end of 2021.
Danni Heath

Danni Heath


Danni has worked as a business and organisation consultant for social enterprises for over 20 years.  She runs her own consultancy with a particular interest in supporting organisations to become more strategic, articulate their messages and put people at the centre of their process and systems. 

She specialises in helping organisations find their voice and communicate their messages clearly in order to maximise social impact. With a particular focus on organisational development, she supports social enterprises to transform how they work in a sensitive and highly focussed way. 

She is passionate about clear communication and cutting through business jargon to provide practical and effective strategies that enable social change. 

Past clients include the Quality Institute for Self-Management Education and Training, Talking Health Taking Action, Drive Green and Improving Quality.  

Testimonial 5

“Thank you for organising Friday’s webinar. I found it to be very enlightening and informative. The background and context you provided were very beneficial. It was also terrific to hear Lyn’s lived experience, along with Andrew’s professional experience.”

Erin Murray

Self-Management Facilitator, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Example Testimonial 4

“Excellent session – thank you to all three of you!”

Ian Needleman

Professor of Periodontology and Evidence-Informed Healthcare, , UCL Eastman Dental Institute

Example Testimonial 3

“I really enjoyed doing the core skills module.  The videos were very clear and always played well with no problem. They gave great examples of the learning material.

I like the fact it was broken down and you can pick bite size pieces or do as much as you want.

I found it very easy to learn from, and like the fact you can go back to specific bits”

Katie Bostock

Kirklees Wellness Service

Example Testimonial 2

“Excellent webinar – thank you”

Des Persse

Director of Services, Help & Care

Example Testimonial 1

“Thank you for a thought provoking webinar which I have already discussed with a few fellow patient advocates”

Pernille Henriksen

Board Member, Dansk Lymfødem Forening DALYFO