Re-thinking medicine: helping health and care professionals to implement person-centred care


6 core principles to help you engage with your patients and see them as a resource

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How CEmPaC can help you engage more with your patients and help them stay well

CEmPaC provides training in core models and skills in person-centred care to enable professionals working with people with Long Term Conditions to work in a biopsychosocial model of care based on what’s important to the person ,support partnership working, behaviour change and self-management.

We believe that everyone can Get Well and Stay Well and we want to work alongside you to support your patients.

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Core Skills in Person Centred Care

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See what people are saying:

Testimonial 5

“Thank you for organising Friday’s webinar. I found it to be very enlightening and informative. The background and context you provided were very beneficial. It was also terrific to hear Lyn’s lived experience, along with Andrew’s professional experience.”

Erin Murray

Self-Management Facilitator, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Example Testimonial 4

“Excellent session – thank you to all three of you!”

Ian Needleman

Professor of Periodontology and Evidence-Informed Healthcare, , UCL Eastman Dental Institute

Example Testimonial 3

“I really enjoyed doing the core skills module.  The videos were very clear and always played well with no problem. They gave great examples of the learning material.

I like the fact it was broken down and you can pick bite size pieces or do as much as you want.

I found it very easy to learn from, and like the fact you can go back to specific bits”

Katie Bostock

Kirklees Wellness Service

Example Testimonial 2

“Excellent webinar – thank you”

Des Persse

Director of Services, Help & Care

Example Testimonial 1

“Thank you for a thought provoking webinar which I have already discussed with a few fellow patient advocates”

Pernille Henriksen

Board Member, Dansk Lymfødem Forening DALYFO