The Co-Creating Health Project

The Co-Creating Health Project worked across four disease types (diabetes, depression, Pain, CoPD) and eight acute and primary care sites. The project combines self management courses for patients with skills training for clinicians, supported with appropriate service re-configuration.

The early evidence from phase one shows that after attending the Self Management Programme people indicated:

  • Significent changes in positive engagement in life (statistically significant)
  • Having more positive emotional well being
  • Increased usage of self management skills and techniques

After completing the training, clinicians are more likely to:

  • Apply self management support practices in their consultations
  • Have an increased motivation to improve their practice and greater belief that improvement is possible
  • Increased job satisfaction, and a greater sense that they are now ‘helping people’ in a way that reflects why they came into healthcare

These programmes demonstrate the added benefit of integrating self management support across the care pathway.

With thanks to ENOPE (Patient Empowerment. Living with Chronic Disease).

Part of a series of short discussion topics on different aspects of self-management and patient empowerment written by ENOPE members for the 1st European conference on patient empowerment (ENOPE)