The Genie Project

What is it?

Genie is an online or web based tool that aims to engage people with a long term condition or health risk to link to resources for self-directed support.

How does it work?

People with a diverse social network have been shown to manage illness better and to experience better health and wellbeing.

Genie is used help people map their network of connections and their interests, and to help them reflect on their priorities, and then use that information – alongside a database of community resources – to match them to a wider network of resources and activities.

This process can help people to manage their condition through effectively  connecting and linking to things that may improve their wellbeing.

What’s the proof that it works?

We have developed GENIE as a response to the evidence of the benefits to be gained by using personal social network members or community groups to link to resources and valued activities.

In one pilot study it was estimated that the Genie approach reduced patient costs by £175/year, by lessening acute admissions and GP demand.

It has already been used in a variety of contexts and we are now developing it to help tackle loneliness and isolation.

How can I learn more? And where can I find examples of how it’s used?

Genie has a website at email: in**@ge*******.uk