Understanding Health Care Needs

A  very useful report from the Health Foundation “Understanding the health care needs of people with multiple health conditions”  highlights that nearly one in four people living in England have two or more conditions, which have been linked to poorer quality of life and a greater risk of premature death.

  • 24% of  people, an estimated 14.2 million people in England are living with multiple conditions.
  • Over half (55%) of hospitals admissions and outpatient visits, and three quarters (75%) of primary care prescriptions are for people with two or more conditions.
  • People in the most deprived areas can expect to have two conditions at 61 years, which is 10 years earlier than people in the least deprived areas.

The report again demonstrates the need to change the way we currently deliver health care to one which is based on supporting people to live well with long term health conditions and focus on those with the lowest health literacy and health inequalities.

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