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What are we working on at  the moment?

The WELL@SME – MENTAL WELLBEING IN SMEs ( project responds to the specific needs of employees and managers/owners of SMEs by designing and making available tailor-made resources, tools and strategies to prevent and contrast work-related stress and negative mental health impact of working conditions. The project aims to create and develop a flexible learning offers aiming to promote positive mental health in the workplace adapted to the specific learning needs of owners and employees of SMEs. The project integrates an array of different digital learning tools, thus supporting the strengthening / acquisition of digital skills among learners.

The expected tangible result of the project is a set of complementary resources to support SMEs owners, line managers and employees to prevent and tackle mental health issues in the workplace through information, education and implementation of practice.

The project has a built-in integrated approach which is based on: protective measures, reduction of risk factors, mental health literacy (MHL).

WELL@SME podcasts for SMEs owners:

We are happy to announce that the podcast series are on air! The series where experts and/or SMEs owners from the different countries involved in the project were interviewed to discuss and provide suggestions to SMEs owners about how to recognize signs of poor mental health and what they could do to respond or to prevent them.


You can watch the podcast series here: